Perry Home

This client was living in a 1,  200 square-foot condominium when he called me and said, “Come to this house and see what you think.” So I went and looked at it, and I said, “It’s wonderful, but it needs a lot of work before you could move in. And it’s going to need all new furniture, etc.”  So I did the entire house from top to bottom.

It needed everything: paint, wallpaper, molding, built-in bookcases. When he bought the house there was a Victorian mantle there with exposed brick. I picked out all that heart pine and had a cabinetmaker make a new mantle.

He hunts, and he’s a trophy collector, so we mounted game, particularly in the dining room. The dining room was an add-on, just huge, so it could accommodate pieces of some size. But he really enjoys buying pieces too; he even has a stuffed ostrich.