Guerry House

The Guerry House is as close to original as any house in Americus. It was built in 1833 in the Greek Revival style and restored in the 1980s. This project is an example of a using what a client already has and refurbishing with paint,  fabrics, window treatments and floor covering. Shown here are just two spaces: the parlor and the hallway.

I changed the paint colors and re-did all the paint. All the floors are hardwood, and I had them refinished and waxed. I found new fabrics for everything, upholstery, curtains and new rugs, and new table lamps.

The house was already furnished with period pieces made by the owner and with family heirlooms that I had re-upholstered, so I didn’t add many pieces of furniture. I did find him the settee and the pie crust table for the hallway.